A new Facebook group for boaters called “I Love Boating” just launched (OK this is now dated… it launched in 2010!)
The iloveboating Facebook fan page is full of funny boating videos, photos, cartoons and general posts from other boaters. Great way to share your love of boating with other boaters!This boating group has gone from 200 to over 15,000 fans in only 1 week!! (probably a lot more if you are reading this post at a later date)…

It’s a very active fan group full of enthusiastic boaters who really DO love boating.

Check the out the I Love Boating fan group on Facebook (powered by iboats.com).

UPDATE: As of February 16, 2010, iloveboating Facebook fan page by iboats.com has grown to over 24,600 fans! Wow – that is a lot of people that love boating.

UPDATE: As of April 14, 2010, iloveboating Facebook fan page has over 30,000 fans!

UPDATE: As of February 2014, iloveboating Facebook page is now at over 73,000 fans!

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Diane Seltzer

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Diane is the founder of MyBoatLife.com as well as the boating lifestyle site for kids BoaterKids.com. She is also active in the boating industry, serving as the marketing director for a marine sunshade product, SureShade, and founder of Marine Marketing Tools, a collaborative site for sharing marine marketing best practices. Diane is also the author of the children's book The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl.

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