Parents Once Again Being Cautioned About Summer Water Dangers

A summer safety reminder of water safety rules for kids while boating, swimming or playing around ANY body of water It’s an annual warning: when pools, boating, and water play become a part of summer fun, parents and guardians must be extra cautious and informed about water safety. Here’s your yearly reminder, with a...

toddler life jacket

Maryland Kids Life Jacket Laws Boating

MD Regulations for kids wearing a life jacket – age and life jacket type requirements for kids on boats Life jacket laws in Maryland for infants, toddlers and kids while boating has gotten stricter in recent years to protect children on Maryland’s many waterways. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has developed specific state...

toddler life jacket

Toddler Life Jackets Best for Boating and Water Safety

Choose the best Coast Guard approved toddler life jackets to keep young kids safe near the water or on a boat Toddler life jackets should be wornwhile boating or on the water. Hands down, the best way to keep toddlers and young kids safe on the water is to always use a life jacket. Hopefully parents have...

stearns puddle jumper

Sterns Kids Puddle Jumper Life Jackets Review

Toddlers and kids learn to swim faster with Coast Guard approved Puddle Jumper Life Jackets The puddle jumper design combines the security of “floaties” or “swimmie” arms with a floatation pad that goes across the chest and attaches to the floatation arms. They are fastened in the back with a secure clasp. Our almost three...

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